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Maoli facial treatment snail slime

Snail slime treatment, substance with multiple benefits: hydration, nourishing power, anti-wrinkle efficacy, soothing and exfoliating effect with lightening power on spots. A deep cleansing and toning will be carried out with milk / tonic which gives softness, silkiness and freshness. A prickly pear scrub will follow for an exfoliating effect. The face will then be drained through massage. An application of snail slime mask will follow with oxygenation and purification of the tissues by means of foot reflexology carried out during the laying of the mask. Finally, a saffron eye area will be applied to restore the hydrolipidic film of the skin and give deep hydration and toning.


€ 50

Duration 40 minutes

Facial cleaning

The treatment will begin with a deep cleansing of the skin with cleansing milk and scrub, followed by steam cleaning. The elimination of the blackheads will be carried out, then a soothing mask specific to your skin type will be applied. Finally, the face cream will be applied to restore the skin’s hydrolipidic film.


€ 60

Duration 50 minutes

Mandelic acid anti-aging facial treatment

The treatment has a strongly anti-aging action, gives brightness and more relaxed skin, thanks to the use of Mandelic Acid (derived from the bitter almond extract) which is characterized by exfoliating, regenerating and healing action of the micro imperfections of the skin such as Acne, Skin spots and Wrinkles. The face is prepared for treatment with the application of the Cleansing Milk with Hamamelis and Virginiana: the acidic lotion (PH 3.5) is left on the skin then it is passed to the application of Mandelic Acid: its properties allow already after first session the decrease in the depth of fine wrinkles. Then the skin is subjected to the Neutralizing Lotion which brings the PH values back to the natural balance. The treatment ends with the application of the revitalizing mask and the anti-aging cream.


€ 65

Duration 50 minutes

Hyaluronic acid facial treatment

Moisturizing and lifting effect treatment, main characteristics of Hyaluronic Acid.
The treatment begins with a cleansing of the face with a tonic milk and subsequent exfoliation with a prickly pear scrub in order to eliminate dead cells present in the most superficial horny layer and allow the principles of the mask to penetrate inside the skin.
The mask is in TNT, is applied directly on the face and is left on for 15 minutes.
The treatment ends with the application of a specific cream and a short massage.


€ 60

Duration 50 minutes

Total / partial body treatment Maoli: Dead sea salts and donkey milk; (partial choice between legs / back-belly)

The treatment will begin with a deep scrub with Dead Sea salts to help exfoliate and eliminate dead cells. Thanks to Argan oil and the sweet orange essential oil contained in it, your skin will find freshness and well-being. To restore the hydration of the skin, the donkey milk body cream will be applied which will give the skin firmness, elasticity and radiance.


€ 35/60

Duration 25/50 minutes

Treatments Ki-spa

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