Solar shower – biosolarium natural tan

Solar shower - biosolarium, natural tan

The BioSolarium has available a new technology that acts directly under the erythema threshold, and that allows him to use the minimum emission of UVB, suitable at all type of skin.

Natural Tan because acts deeply, below the erythema threshold, releasing endorphins (which stimulate happiness hormone) vitamina D (anticancer for excellence) and removing toxins.

Furthermore, if you like sunbathing in every time of the year; if you dream to enjoy a moment of relax that leaves a nice tan; if the summer is upon us, and you want to prepare your skin for a perfect exposure to sunlight, our Solar Shower – BioSolarium is perfect, this features an ergonomic design, that ensures the distribution of heat t evenly and on all parts of the body, thus facilitating natural tan, safe, free from sunburn .

It will be like to be pampered by the sun, and so you can start your holiday by the sea in full splendor or make even a rainy day is transformed into a time to devote to your body.

price per session

€ 12

Duration 15 minutes
Subscription card for 8 sessions € 69

Treatments Ki-spa

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