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Your stay will be enriched by our spa and beauty center “kí-spa”, an ideal oasis for body and brain regeneration. Some anti-Sars-Cov-2 provisions may affect the duration and availability of some services. Read our Safe Beauty & Spa policy. (Spa services may be closed due to anti-contagion and government regulations)

Regenerate yourself in our Kí-Spa!

This is the main purpose of our enviroment of calm Relaxation: the Kì-Spa.

Born as Boutique Spa, the Kì-Spa is a place full of intimacy, to recovery “our Kì”, our vital energy. Isolate yourself from the tough every-day life, disconnect from the daily routine: all made possible inside this place without time.After an emotional shower with Indian Rose essential oil, a enjoyable inmersion in the hydrotherapic pool with Salts of the Dead Sea, a steam bath with Amber essential oils, along with a pleasant herbal tea tasting and you will have a precise idea of what would mean reach a complete peace of mind.The path you will find inside our Kí-spa aims at offering total wellness, carrying you into a psycho-physic equilibrium and helping you to recover your own vital energy. Your senses will be regenerated thanks to our steam bath with essential amber oils, a pleasant immersion in our hydrotherapic pool with Dead Sea Salt and an emotional shower with essential oil of Indian Rose wood.

The whole path will be accompanied by a relaxing tasting of infusions in the Relax Area.


In the cozy and relaxing atmosphere of our wellness center offer a wide range of massages and rituals, the body massage relaxation, which is the best way to get in touch with their energy and emotions, to drainage massage the body, considered one of most effective massage to prevent and combat the “cellulite”, fatty deposits, and water retention, and among many other alternatives, there is an embarrassment of choices; and in 2016 the news of the Stone Massage, which with the use of hot stones in direct contact with the skin, affects the energy centers (chakras) and balances the mind and the body; and Ayurvedic massage, which helps to eliminate toxins through the purification, strengthens muscle tone, relaxes and rejuvenates the body.

Open every day both for internal and external guests

by appointment only from monday to sunday (minimum age of entry: 14 years)from 9:00 to 23:00

Admission is allowed in odd hours and 10 people at a time (due to Sars-Cov-2 access is allowed to max 6 pax)

Path duration: 2 HOURS

Exclusive Kí-spa

Choose exclusive Kì-spa for your events!

Choose exclusive Kì-spa for your events!

Choose Kì-spa for your events like graduation, birthday or bachelorette party.

We will propose you:

Exclusive Kì-spa use

Poolside served buffet (not available due to Sars-Cov-2)

You can choose the soundtrack of your event!

For more informations contact us by phone 0722-322309 or send us an email

Emotional shower

Emotional shower with essential oils of indian rose wood

(not available due to Sars-Cov-2)

In this particular type of shower the water, which is its fundamental element, emits its positive energy together with the aroma of the Indian rose wood which helps in relieving depression and stress. The basic principle of this moment is the alternation of the water jet which not only alternates warm and cold temperatures, but also changes the pressure from its spout.

The colors change synchronically and create the sensation of the rain falling down. The different benefits are: low temperatures firm the tissues (with positive effects for legs, buttocks and abdominals), the heat on the contrary has a natural vasodilatory effect with a consequential purification of epidermis.

Therefore the primary function of this process is to give intense moments of physical and mental satisfaction.

Steam room

(not available due to Sars-Cov-2)


This ritual has antique origins and its regenerative mental and physic properties have always been highly estimated, even from Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The ritual takes place in a closed ambiance where there is a high relative humidity level and the temperature varies from 45° to 48°C.The steam bath has various beneficial effects which, united to amber oil, have the power to eliminate negativity and to restore peace and harmony. First of all, this ritual is good for your blood flow, as the heat dilates the blood vessels; secondly your skin will be intensely cleaned and purified: in a closed ambiance when the amount of steam is higher than the amount of water present on your epidermis, a layer of humidity forms on your skin, which causes the opening of the skin pores that consequently eliminate toxins. As a consequence the epidermis appears brighter, more elastic and smoother and the stress and tensions are defeated.

Hydroterapic pool

Hydroterapic pool with dead sea salt

The hydrotherapic pool is the perfect place to immerse into wellness. The Dead Sea Salt is characterized by a unique combination of 25 different kind of minerals, including magnesium, bromide, calcium, iron, potassium and sulphur which are essential to purify and detoxify your skin. Thanks to the osmotic interchange, in the moment when you immerse your body into the salt and water solution, it absorbs as a consequence the minerals and expels the toxins.

The benefits can be seen directly on your skin, which will appear smoother, elastic, prevented from the most common beauty flaws. It also contrasts cellulite and joint muscle aches.

Relax area

Relax area with specific herbal teas

Inside our Ki-Spa, is possible to taste a variety of herbal teas, ideal to complete your wellness path.

Here you can read some examples:

WILD ROSE HERBAL TEA: Antioxidant and rich in vitamin C, it has an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic action and reinforces the immune defenses of the human body.

JASMINE BIO HERBAL TEA: Antioxidant and exciting, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, as it relieves stress.

CITRON BIO HERBAL TEA: Refreshing and digestive, it has a disinfecting action.

GREEN HERBAL TEA: draining and antioxidant, it helps to improve many disorders of the body.


Our natural aesthetic line

Wellness &

Beauty Kì Spa

Your stay will be enriched by our spa and beauty center “kí-spa”, an ideal oasis for body and brain regeneration. And for a complete wellness stay, you can try one of the numerous exclusive treatments proposed by our specialized operators.

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