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What to do in Urbino

What to do

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Urbino, the city to discover

Urbino is, certainly, a city made of culture but it is also a city on a human scale. The tourist that arrive in Urbino sees in front of him a big palace that remind him in the past: it is the Palace of Federico of Montefeltro, a lord of Renaissance. The flower of the humanistic culture of Italian Renaissance is reproduced in this spaces thanks to the refined cultural formation of Federico of Montefeltro. His house is became abode of the muses and it has attracted the best artists of the period: Piero della Francesca, Leon Battista Alberti, Francesco di Giorgio Martini. In this place there was artists as Raffaello and Bramante.

After the Renaissance, the city didn’t know the sunset, because after the elections of Clemente XI, new splendors developed. the old city of Urbino is elected UNESCO heritage in 1998.

From the palace to castels

From the court of Duke Frederick, you pass in Pieve di Cagna, for a solitary way of dense woods and rich of colors when they change with the seasons.

Between Marche and Romagna you feel observed and protected from Torre Cotogna that defended these border territories between Montefeltro and Malatesta.

From here we move towards the bottom of the valley, where flowing the river Foglia and, finally it opens the horizon of hills and villages that chase one another.

Heading towards the surrounding hills, you dive into the wild areas immersed in one reality: here there is San Donato with his church.

From the beautiful fortress of Sassocorvaro, famous for its art, history and culture it makes one of the most vibrant city of Montefeltro, and finally to the Castle of Macerata.

Ducal landscapes

History and nature, in the variety of landscape, characterize this small hamlet related at the capital of Ducato. From Urbino you go to Pieve di cagna, earning in short period the suggestive way to Rocca Ulbaninesca to Sassocorvaro.

A beautiful view on Mercatale lake accompanies us for a little period, before to leave spaces to woods, and to horizon of street you can see s. maria in val di loto church. From here you arrive to Peglio Castle perched on hill and then you go to old “casteldurante” today called Urbania. From this town you come back in Urbino by winding but beautiful way.

Km: 68,0

A surprising road

It’s not too simple imaginate that on the wonderful walls of Urbino you can find this balcony where look is on the sea and on the Ducato. Panoramas are really suggestive and the small village that combine the capital of Urbino to Fossombrone can prove with clear air, one of the most emotional place of “beautiful streets”

Km: 23,0

Different views

There are a lot of and different panoramas to see passing through villages of this itinerary. Starting from Urbino and crossing the beautiful road of Cesane with his wood full of raptors and protected species, go up to Petriano., an ideal place for the termal care. Continue to the Colbordolo Mount that divide the valley just traveled and Val del Foglia. Going down to Pallino and passing the Oasis “la Badia”, another trove of faunal and naturalistic wealth, you arrive to Montecalvo in Foglia. From here you have to go to the valley to Cà Gallo to get finally to Urbino.

Km : 74,00

From ducato to romagna

From Urbino, the capital of Ducato you switch to admire panoramas of Pieve di Cagna to get to Campo Cavallo, a small village immersed in a static time. Then you go down to the hill to arrive to Castel Cavallino, so dear to Pascoli. There, dominating the valleys until the sea, you get to in the valley of Foglia to visit the old village of sulfur mine where remain singular testimonials of workers that lived. From there you continue to Montecalvo to then arrive to castle guard of the border of Romagna.

Km: 39,4

The hidden road

This short itinerary cross 3 places of peace and religious silence. From S.Giovanni Ghiaiolo and S.Cipriano you arrive to S.Barbara, a lonely place., it is immersed in the wood and it is a place of peace and then you can go up to the Monte Santo. It is hidden and you have to find the road that from Monte Santo go down to Urbania, sometimes a “white” road but always beautiful and panoramic.

Km: 19,8

To old pass

From the court of the Lords of Urbino, go to Fermoy, passing down a street with light secondaria.Si tornanti.Da Fermoy go up on the headland and back down immediately Acqualagna, a city rich not only truffles but also archeologiche.Da testimonials here , via Flaminia, the famous Roman road, and crossing his old gallery we get to Furlo where wildlife, vegetation, rocks plunging into the water forming the throat make it a unique setting.

Km: 25,0

Pictorial montefeltro

A wonderful road where landscapes ofter change. It combine the most precious fortresses of Montefeltro between them. One of the most classic and unmissable trip to understand the land essence of Montefeltro made of pictorial countrysides and pictorial walls. From the capital of Ducato, the elegant Urbino, you can pass for another “fortified treasure”, the tortoise of stone and brick of Sassocorvaro. At the end you arrive to the old capital of San Leo.

Km: 62


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