Treatments made in the Cradle of the Energy Balance, Duration: 60 Minutes, cost: € 95.

- “Treatment against-stress”: through the harmonization of the nervous system.

Creates deep relaxation in relation to the energy flow, especially along the spine, the sacrum to the skull.

It produces a calm and serene mind that allows you to bring a higher concentration with the absence of agitation and nervousness.

- “Specific Treatment”:  delete a condition of tin and / or imbalance through the direct intervention of the area in question and the areas or points in connection with it.

- “ Treatment for Harmonisation of posture” and, in particular for the condition of the area of the basin, the lumbar spine, the dorsal vertebrae and the cervical vertebrae. It creates a state of relaxation to muscles and tendons, allowing the bone structure to regain its natural position.

- “ Treatment to free the flow of energy ” connected to the circulation of the lymph and blood. It acts on certain areas and parts of the body to release a condition of tin.

- “Treatment for Harmonisation of the hormone system (chakras)” links and free communication and operation of energy between the endocrine glands

- „Treatment for the condition of the joints” : free and harmonizes the condition of the muscles and tendons in direct relation to the phalanx of the hands and feet, and large joints, such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, ankles, knees, hips.

- “Treatment for the harmonization of the condition of the internal organs”: by a verification of the condition abdominal and through the treatment of certain areas and points on the body in relation to that condition.

- Treatment “mini full on points of principle”: relaxation and at the same time charge of energy, ready to tackle daily tasks.

- “Treatment Soku so Jutsu”: the treatment of the feet second Meiso Shiatsu. Acts primarily on the condition of the internal organs and their correlation to the physical and mental condition.

- “Treatment freeing breath”: a sitting breathing specifies that the purpose of interacting with the physical, mental and emotional condition and at the same time it allows you to get rid of blocks and nodes that hinder our wellness. A session provides a moment of dissolution by stretching and, after the breath ends with a moment of harmonization through Meiso Shiatsu. The duration of a session is 2 hours. Cost: € 100.00


Face Massage

It is a beauty treatment that is used to obtain a more youthful and healthy and offers the following potential benefits: improvement of the face and muscle tone, relaxation of the muscles of the face and eyes, relief from headaches, facial pain and tension, reduction of stress and anxiety, and general physical and mental relaxation. In addition, using oriental techniques to stimulate the meridian points on the face. Duration: 30’…………………….€30

Relaxing Back Massage

 it acts on muscle tension alleviating pain due to its relaxing effect and for the immediate improvement of the circulation. It is effective on muscular tension, general contractures localized, and the elimination of lactic acid useful for recovery efforts by sportsmen. Induces a pleasant relaxing effect eliminating any sign of fatigue. Duration: 30’………….€ 30

Drainage Massage

 It is considered one of the most effective ways to prevent and combat the “cellulite”, fatty deposits, and water retention. The drainage massage has many positive effects because it stimulates the lymphatic circulation is favored raising the immune system, the elimination of toxins and waste, improves mental stress, promotes muscle relaxation. Duration 50’……………………………€ 50

Modelling Firming Massage

this massage is used on all areas of the body that tend to lose elasticity and tone early as buttocks, thighs, abdomen and breasts. Also is used sull’ipotonia due to rapid weight loss or a sedentary lifestyle. Improves skin elasticity and firmness giving best compactness. Duration 50 ‘…. € 50

Toning Massage

Wide effects through the activation of physical and biochemical reactions important stimulus of metabolism with the stimulation of circulation, relaxation of muscles, toning general thanks to improved nutritional conditions and the removal of cellular debris, better oxygenation of the tissues that produce energy with little formation of lactic acid and balance hormone levels. Duration 50 ‘……………….. € 50

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