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straducale salita di Cerreto

Hotel  Mamiani is pleased to offer to every guest exceptional stays dedicated to the healthy fun of cycling.

In collaboration with the National Center A.M.I. “Sure Pedal”, we have specialized guides that can offer to bikers and the lovers of the road, everything they need: garage, workshops, rentals, agreements with the best shops and assistance.

Around the Montefeltro area you can discover in many single track amazing places, landscapes and unique historical centers.

For lovers of “real” mountain The Monte Nerone  – also knew as the Ventoux Marches, The Petrano and The Catria are some of the peaks already scaled by award-winning riders of the ‘Giro d’Italia’.

There’s no more relaxing time after an excursion to come back in the Wellness center of our hotel, available on request.